Woodland Health Retreat



Based exclusively on the principles of health as set forth in the Bible, Woodland Health Retreat utilizes only the true natural remedies - no drugs, chemicals or invasive procedures. The system is rebuilt, not torn down, and assisted in its own efforts to repair and restore, utilizing Eight Remedies of Health - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Rest and Trust in Divine Power.



At Woodland every health guest is considered as an individual and treatment programs are custom designed to meet each guest‘s specific needs. Everything, from the treatments to the menu, is personalized with the guest‘s best interest in mind.

Persons with the following diseases found our program helpful:

- Cancer - Rheumatism
- Arthritis - high Colesterol
- Diabetes - Osteoporosis
- most Allergies - Skin Disorders
- Hypertension - Thyroid
- Overweight - Candida
- high Stress - etc.


Woodland Health Retreat Portugal



Come and experience true physical, mental and spiritual health in the sunny Portugal. Nestled among eucalyptus and pine forests a sparkling waterfall cascades into a vibrant river. The Woodland Health Retreat offers a refreshing retreat from the noise and pollution of modern society and provides a perfect environnement for total rejuvenation.


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